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Project Managemet

Our methodology ensures a pragmatic approach to each project tailored to the nature, size and culture of each law firm


We've managed technology projects for Teir 1 'Magic Circle' firms with multiple global offices, and local firms with a smaller footprint.  Our metholdogy is adapted to each firm independently and our resources are managed in accordance with the firm's needs.

Our responsibilties involve:

  • End to end management of projects from inception to completion 

  • Manage projects in phases: Requirements & Design, Development, Testing, Implementation & Roll-out, Closure 

  • Undertake end to end planning exercises to ensure all teams associated are aligned 

  • Manage third party vendors to ensure implementation in a timely and quality assured manner

  • Create and implement processes for managing defects, with assessment of criticality, priority and ownership

  • Support analysis to identify and map technology features to user requirments 

Detailed planning, seemless execution

Implementing a system that meets a firm's requirement is one thing, but deploying an application across an entire legal firm with least disruption to end users, particularly the fee earning community requires a very different skillset and dynamic.  

We've been awarded multipe contracts to oversee and manage the global deployment of new applications which are instrumental to the day to day workings of fee earners, such as document & time management systems.  Our approach involves the following:

  • Formulate and structure the cutover team, consisting of technical resource, change managers, trainers and other resources needed for Go-live 

  • Collaborate with teams to create a technical runbook to identify all technical tasks ordered in sequence to deploy the system successfully with least possible disruption 

  • Develop and agree a communication protocal for all teams to adopt during global deployments to ensure structure is maintained while work is taking place out of hours

  • Conduct Go/No-Go meetings to ensure an agreed readiness criteria is met ahead of rollout 

  • Work with Regional Technoloy Managers to ensure the upcoming change is understood 

  • Communicte milestones, progress and next steps to board level members

Global Deployments


Our consultancy services are wide ranging and can be tailored to your exact needs, no matter how small or great they may be.  Our structure allows us to be as heavily involved or light touch as you require.  

Services we offer:

  • We can oversee the delivery of a vendor to ensure the solution is fit for purpose and the delivery method works for your firm 

  • Develop a deployment startegy which can be adopted by your deployment teams 

  • Support with business change initiatives 

  • Work with your teams and vendors to agree and adopt a support model, ensuring the correct support measures are in place post project completion and transition to business as usual support teams 

Desktop packaging

Not all firms have the internal infrasctructure to package application for wider or global deployments. 

We can support you with the end to end process of packaging an application with your configurations and supporting it's rollout across the firm.


We've partnered with a number of software houses to offer licences for a range of leading software applications in the legal industry.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with fulfilling your licencing needs. 

Post deployment support

Following a rollout of a new system, it's critical to monitor any reported issues to the Service Desk by users.  These issues need to be managed accordingly and either addressed internally or by the vendor.   

Depending on the nature of the issues, action may need to be taken swiftly to implement a fix.  There's a lot of logistics involved which we can oversee and manage effectively to reduce disruption to end users. 

Vendor Management

Core systems within a firm require a balanced relationship with it's vendor, but this can be a time consuming and resource extensive process.  

Outsourcing the management of vendors to ensure issues are effectively managed and Service Level Agreements are met, can be a practical option.  We can offer a range of options to support your firm with this overhead. 

Other Services

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