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Specialists in project management and delivery of technology projects across law firms

Based in London, we work exclusively in the Legal space supporting 'Magic Circle' and smaller Law firms.  Our ethos surrounds our understanding of fee earners and the huge importance around their role within law firms. Putting it simply technology changes need to happen with the least possible disruption to fee earners and their supporting business professionals, as this ultimately impacts a firms revenue.  ​


We believe most law firms know what they want and where they want to be, with defined strategies that result in identifying new products and IT systems that enable the business to move in the direction needed.   However, we find where some law firms may struggle, is enabling the change and implementing IT solutions effectively while minimising disruption to fee earners and business professionals. 

That's where we can help by delivering end to end project management and delivery services to ensure your technology changes are implemented successfully. 

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We manage technology projects in the Legal workspace

Dedicated to technology change in Law Firms

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